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The Art of the Possible: Cards for coaching, networking & ideas generation.

"I've seen these cards at a workshop I attended with Pete, and was amazed and inspired by the conversations and ideas they generated. I can conceive of many ways of using them in both a personal and professional capacity."

This set of 44 hand-drawn cards is designed to stimulate creative thinking, help you solve problems and identify clear goals and actions. They are a powerful tool to stimulate conversation at networking events and business meetings.

N.B. These cards ship worldwide.

Where and when can these cards can be used?

  • The cards will help you in any situation where you need to break the ice and get conversation flowing quickly and without embarrassment.
  • They will help you get to the ‘heart of the matter’ more easily than a direct question will.
  • They are a superb tool for personal reflection.
  • They get people talking in networking sessions.
  • Coaches use them in 1-1 and group coaching settings.
  • They help energise ideas generation sessions

You can use the cards alone, with a friend or in a group. If you are a coach, trainer or skilled helper, they are an ideal addition to your toolkit. They are a really cool way for like-minded people to work together to generate ideas.

“The Art of the Possible cards are brilliant – practical, inspiring and beautiful to hold, use and inspire. A vital tool in any coaches’ toolbox” Sandra Whiles – creative coach.

How do the cards facilitate deeper, clearer thinking?

There’s quite a bit of science behind them – illustrated cards have been used throughout history to imagine different versions of the future. Most of our deep thinking goes on without us being conscious of it – metaphor works as a conduit to carry this thinking out into our conscious thought stream. We use around 4 metaphors a minute in normal speech – a metaphor carries over a complex concept in a single word or phrase. These cards reverse that process – we begin with the picture/metaphor and use it to reveal all the hidden thinking that’s going on around an idea or issue. It’s such a simple and clever tool for generating useful stream of ideas around any given topic.

The Cards

The cards are 55x85mm, printed on 350gsm card with soft feel lamination on both sides. The curved corners make them a pleasure to look at and less susceptible to damage. They are designed for longevity, to feel good to handle, pick up and put down, and move around a tabletop. The boxes are bespoke designed and easy to carry in your bag or briefcase, making the set highly portable for use in the widest possible range of settings.

Cards come with full instructions, plus access to a webpage with ideas and case studies. Cards are £26 plus shipping. Cards ship worldwide.

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Here's what people are saying about them:

'I love the pictures/words and also the quality of them - both the feel and print quality'. Lucy Hare - Double Bassist & Coach.
'Right off the bat, The Art of the Possible cards prompted our deep thinking, thanks to the combination of words and artful illustrations. Our conversation was meaningful. We used the deck’s simple instructions as framework for the conversation. We walked away with clarity about our individual expectations and shared challenges related to our latest projects.' Kate Hammer, Story Designer storyFORMing

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